**PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT HAVE TOILET FACILITIES **. If you are coming on a long journey, we suggest you leave time to visit Mortimer cafe for a toilet stop and make a small purchase or one of the local pubs. Thank you


Book now to ensure you can visit and enjoy the alpacas and goats on the day you want to.

12th April onwards, we are able to open fully! Please book in via with bookings section. If we are unable to open due to covid restrictions, you can choose a future date to move your booking to.

We will be extending our covered area for spring 2021 to offer more protection from the elements on bad weather days!

We are delighted to announce our new additions- Sooty & Teddy. At just 6 months old, they are already stealing hearts with the staff. They are such confident, little lads- happy to hand feed and right at the front of the pack for a carrot!