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Now taking bookings from July 4th!

Alpacas are curious, wonderful creatures, and our boys are the best of the bunch! We have carefully selected our boys based on their temperament as it was important to us that our alpaca experience be the most hands on, friendly experience in the UK!  Whereas most alpaca experiences allow a short walk and limited petting time, we pride ourselves on bringing experiences that our customers really want, which let’s face it, is lots of cuddles and free time with the alpacas in a natural setting, rather than on a head collar. We can only offer this due to the lovely, confident nature of our alpacas and our excellent and knowledgeable staff who are on hand to help you get the best from each experience. We have worked hard at ‘socialising’ our animals and they truly are lovely natured.

Please note… alpacas are shorn once a year in may/june. Our shearing date for 2020 is 6th june which means all the boys will have the Sheared appearance. Should you prefer to visit when they are in full fleece, please book a winter date.

Our Latest addition ready for opening day

We have Added a 7 meter long covered area in case the weather turns bad during your visit, to try to ensure you stay dry