A family run business in the beautiful village of Mortimer, Berkshire. It has always been a dream of ours to run an alpaca business and we are fortunate enough to now make it a reality.

We currently have 10 adorable young boys- George, Zippy, Bungle, Cappuccino, Rupert, Finley, Henry, Hugo, Pip, and Truffle 

All 10 have totally different personalities and each bring something unique to the experience.

We have spent time with our alpacas to ensure that they have the right temperament for socialising with humans. Alpacas by nature, although curious, are very shy and not naturally forthcoming. Ours however, we have trained to come for hand feeding and enjoy time together around our guests! Most alpaca experiences do not offer time for petting them in their natural environment. This is where we are different. We are only too aware that what people really want is to be able to stroke and really get to know these beauties and get those quirky selfies! 

We want to share our wonderful boys with you all and feel the experiences we offer are truly unique.